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What’s MIDYC all about?

What we’re saying about cars.

I started May I Drive Your Car? to explore quirky and fascinating aspects of car culture through unique stories, photos, and drives. Every issue, feature, and topic of discussion is meant to be interesting in a unique way.

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Here are some of my top stories from the past you can check out:

Who am I?

I’m a journalism graduate, independent creator and writer with experience in both media (Toronto Star Wheels, Autos, Petrolicious) and in copywriting / marketing (Can-Am Off-Road, RM Sotheby’s). My long-running Twitter has been linked to by The Autopian, Jalopnik, Hemmings, and other publications and have appeared on podcasts as diverse as Autoline After Hours with John McElroy and the Unnamed Automotive Podcast. I’ve interviewed people as diverse as Michael Schumacher and the Winnebago Man.

Who will enjoy MIDYC?

MIDYC is geared toward automotive creators, influencers, employees, and solo-preneurs who are either obsessed by or who work in the auto industry. Many current subscribers write about cars or have a vested interest in them either as a collector or enthusiast. In a down-to-earth way, I am as likely to explore a certain content trend as I am in writing about how a vehicle handles, appears in advertising, or how well it photographs.

Drives, Partnerships, and Collabs

If you're in the automotive industry and interested in working with me, please get in touch. In 2023 I’m hoping to arrange:

  • Meet & greets (virtual or in-person)

  • Short test drives (manufacturer, dealership, owner, collector)

  • Area: Eastern Quebec to Windsor, Ontario.

  • Sponsorships and affiliate partnerships (see below)


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About the MIDYC audience:

  • Typical weekday web page views: 7,500

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  • Twitter followers on my @banovsky account: Over 7,000.

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As an independent creator, I value your time, attention & support, and I appreciate any support you can offer. If you're interested in letting me drive your car, an interview, or sponsorship, please contact me.

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